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inspired by


salvador dali

Enhance your workspace or any room in your home

 with this stylish trendy and trippy timepiece.

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Distortion makes for distinction 

Our own Salvador Dali inspired melting table/mantle clock from the time wrapped classic " Persistence of Memory" will adorn your work space or home in true modern style. The Melting Clock will bring new vitality to any space.  You'll enhance the aura of your decor while providing a functional accent. The whimsical design make the clock's time appear uniquely distorted.

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* Salvador Dali Inspired

* Roman & Standard Numeral Display 

* Modern Home Design

* Quartz Movement 

* Non-Slip Backing

* Whimsical Design

* Various Casing Colors

melting-clock-2018- trending-office-decor-piece4

Workspace Gadget

Spice up your office with this eye-catching Dali-Esque clock. Every glance will give the distorted mesmerizing appearance of time slowly warping right before your very eyes. Designed to look like a large pocket watch complete with a winder on top, this trendy timepiece perfectly balances to hang off any flat surface securely, creating a visual 'melting' effect. 

melting-clock-2018- trending-office-decor-piece6

Home Decor

Ditch that old round clock hanging on your living room or den wall and wow friends and family with a clock that appears to be dripping to the floor from your mantelpiece. The Melting Clock looks amazing hanging on the edge of shelves, mantelpieces, desks, tables, fireplaces and many other flat surface in your home. With precision quartz movement, this novelty clock is available with various casing colors to include silver and black. It is also available with both roman and standard numeral displays. 


 the ultimate



Surrealists take notice